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Welcome to the Isle of Glass

Magick. Making something out of nothing. Creation. It's the foundation of everything. It's how and why we're all alive. To create art, or music, or laughter, or love, is to give something back to the world in which we exist. To create something is magick itself.

This is my space for creation. For magick. My space to give voice to the spirits around me and the spirit within. A place of beauty and authenticity. I can think of nowhere better to symbolize such a place as Avalon, also known as Ynis Witrin, the Isle of Glass.

In myth and legend, Avalon has always been a place of mystery and magick, of art and wisdom, of healing, love, and power. To get to Ynis Witrin, one must be willing to travel across the water, through the mists, to an island unseen by ordinary eyes. The veil must be pierced: the veil of ignorance and deceit, the falsehoods we tell ourselves to make the physical world more bearable. We must access the inner realms, the Otherworld, where the essence of our soul, our spirit, dwells.

The Isle of Glass is fragile. It takes great care and pure intention to see it. It is a reflection, showing us exactly what we are when we peer into it. It is transparent, hiding nothing if you are courageous enough to face it. Avalon evokes passion, the deepest stirrings of the heart that yearn to be released. It's a place of stories, of poetry, of beauty and sensuousness, music and spectacle and quiet breath...Most of all, it's a place to meet the Inner Self, the Divine You, the soul or spirit that is connected to the larger tapestry of the Universe. Ynis Witrin is our most honest, authentic selves. All we need to do to reach it is to summon the mists by invoking its name. The barge will then glide forth to carry us across the waters to a place where we can find our heart.

There is magick in stories: the ones told and passed down through generations, and the individual, life story that is ours alone. These human experiences connect our hearts together and allow our souls to magnify our greatest qualities. We can go to Avalon, to the healing isle, to excavate our truths and to share them with others, inviting our brothers and sisters, our larger human family, to learn and to grow along with us.

Are you ready to take the journey? What will you discover when you get there?

I invite you to come to the Isle of Glass for insight, for community, for healing, for growth, or for any other reason that brings you peace and happiness. I can't promise that everything here will be to your liking, or that you will leave a better person. What I offer are simply my own attempts to create a better world through the magick that only I can make. I do hope that when you leave, you will be inspired to share your own magick with the world, whatever shape that magick might take.


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About Me


Rose Vanden Eynden has been a spiritual seeker all her life. As a child, the Celtic stories of King Arthur fascinated her, but none more than the myths of Ynis Witrin, also called Avalon, the Isle of Glass. This place of magick, healing, and feminine wisdom has guided Rose throughout her life, helping her to embrace her identity as a writer, a Spiritualist medium and minister, and an eclectic Witch and priestess. Rose strives to capture this magick in every aspect of her daily life. This site, the Isle of Glass, is her way of sharing her voices and visions. Come to the Isle. Let the rolling mists envelope you as you travel across the water to the sacred shores of Avalon. Allow Rose to be your loving, supportive guide as you explore this magickal world together. 


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