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Tarot Energy: Week 9.5.21

From The Starman Tarot by Davide and Esther DeAngelis

The Queen of Cups brings her distinctive energy into our awareness for the week of September 5, 2021. She is the Sovereign of all things feminine and reminds us of our softer, more intuitive side. The Queen of Cups concentrates her energy on the heart space. Does your heart need nurturing in some way? Can you hold loving space for someone else in need? What in your life needs this kind of pure, nonjudgmental attention? The Queen of Cups encourages us to be a vessel, a Cup, of loving kindness, for ourselves and for each person we encounter every day. This doesn't mean we are perfect beings who never fall into anger, frustration, depression, or other challenging emotions. It means that we acknowledge our own faults, and the faults of others, with compassion and forgiveness, knowing that the challenge to act with love is an ongoing one. She encourages us to use our intuition, which is so connected to emotion and feeling, to examine our heart and how it is speaking to us in any situation. Our feelings matter. The Queen of Cups supports us in honoring our truth, as long as it is sought with sincerity and good intention. A meditation on the deepest truths of ourselves will reveal important information to each of us as we welcome the New Moon in Virgo on September 6.

May your week be blessed and happy.

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