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Tarot Energy: Week 9.12.21

from the Crystal Unicorn Tarot by Pamela Chen. The Seven of Swords steals onto the scene this week, so it's time to be alert and watchful in all of our interactions. This card is very good at hiding things, and this deceitful energy can slip in easily if we are distracted by things that don't matter. Make an intention this week to focus on each task at hand and allow yourself to be fully in each moment. But doing this, only what is authentic can be at play, leaving no room for hesitation or confusion. This card encourage us to do the hard work of examining the role of truth in our life by asking ourselves, "Am I really being my best self right now? Am I being honest, or am I deceiving myself in some way because it makes things easier?" We all have a shadow side that needs attention, and it's this path that leads us to love and heal our whole self. In understanding ourselves better, we bring more light into our world, and this light balances the challenge the Seven of Swords asks us to face.

May your week be filled with light and truth.

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