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Tarot Energy: 9.26.21

From Supernatural Tarot by Minerva Siegel and Matthew Skiff

This week, the 9 of Swords (Blades in this deck) creeps into our consciousness to keep us awake at night. This particular deck is based on a popular television show, and the character depicted in this card is one of Hell's great torturers. It's his job to make the afterlife completely miserable for his victims, and the 9 of Swords certainly carries the ability to upset us. What we need to remember is that the suit of Swords represents our thoughts and the ways in which our minds work. We can worry about issues, turn them over and over and over in our minds until we drive ourselves insane, creating our own living Hell. Or we can recognize our worry, breathe through the challenging emotions that arise, and focus on moving past them so that we can find a solution to the issue at hand. In many cases, this can be a hard task to accomplish because we worry about the things in our lives that we care deeply about. But that worry energy can be transformed into positive action if we allow ourselves to take responsibility. We cannot control some things in life but, as the saying goes, we can control how we react to them. The 9 of Swords predicts a week ahead that may easily devolve into a frantic, worried state unless we vigilantly police the negative thoughts that are bound to arise. As Mercury turns retrograde this week and causes snafus in communication, it's even more important to slow down, breathe, and really assess situations in a calm state. If we know this ahead of time and attend to each challenge as it comes, we will prevent the 9 of Swords from wielding the power of worry and strife that it denotes.

May we all find peace in our minds and hearts so we can bring peace into our everyday world.

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