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Tarot Energy: 12.19.21

From the Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti.

As we move fully into the bustle and busy-ness of the holiday season this week, Major Arcana The Lovers graces us with its wisdom and beauty. With Winter Solstice and Christmas just around the corner, many of us become stressed and anxious as we deal with last-minute preparations for our seasonal celebrations. Instead of enjoying the peace and tranquility of the longest night of the year, we allow the tidal wave of demands to overwhelm us, possibly causing negative emotions, like resentment, fear, and anger, to manifest in our relationships with others. The Lovers, while being a card that can sometimes indicate a special, intimate relationship, asks us to treat all of our relationships with others as significant and worthy of our attention. Instead of getting caught up in the materialism that sometimes permeates the holiday season, The Lovers encourages heart connections with others that are the true focus of this festive time of the year. Whether it be making time for a glass of wine with our lover, having a heart-to-heart with a child, listening to a co-worker complain on our coffee break, or simply smiling at the harried sales clerk, moving our attention into our heart space and allowing these charitable feelings of love to influence our words and actions is always appropriate. No matter what you celebrate, this season is about appreciating the return of light to the world. This may be the Master Light of Jesus Christ or the rebirth of the sun that moves the planet toward warmer times. Light equals love in our consciousness, and The Lovers calls this love consciousness forward to lead the week ahead. Let your heart be soft, your words be gentle, your actions filled with good intentions, and you will honor and celebrate the best in yourself and in all of those around you. Love does this, always.

From the Isle of Avalon, I wish you all peace, joy, and, above all, love, this holiday season. May we all shine brightly as beacons of love for each other.

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