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Tarot Energy: 12.12.21

From Voyager Tarot by James Wanless.

This week's card, Major Arcana The Chariot, predicts an open road before us as we move into the last part of our calendar year. We have been challenged throughout this year to examine our needs and the barriers to them so that we can release any obstacles that hold us back. Now, The Chariot declares the way open for us to venture forth, to use what we know and what we've learned in order to move forward on our journey. The Chariot often indicates progress on the material plane, so it is a good time to make any changes that revolve around career, money, investments, wealth, legacy, and success in the material world. The Chariot makes it clear that the way is open, but it is, as always, up to us to decide how we wish to proceed. Security is often measured by our financial foundation, but what other resources do we require to make ourselves feel completely confident? This card reminds us that the energy around us is there to support us if we are willing to take the next step forward to achieve our personal version of success.

May we all feel confident in our choices. May we all be blessed with abundance, prosperity, and security.

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