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Tarot Energy: 11.28.21

From Vice Versa Tarot by Massimiliano Filadoro, Lunaea Weatherstone, and Davide Corsi.

This week's energy is described by the 2 of Swords, taking us into the realm of the mind, where thoughts churn and often cause unnecessary turmoil. This card depicts a lady balancing two swords while blindfolded on a rock in a stormy sea -- probably not a scenario most of us have endured. But when we consider this symbology in regard to the mind and the way in which thoughts often work, more of us can probably relate to the struggle this character is experiencing. When so much is happening around us that is distressing, incorporating a blindfold and turning to our interior selves can be a good choice. This doesn't mean that we hide from these elements. It simply means that we refuse to be caught up in the storm and concentrate instead on caring for our own mental well being. Right now, the figure is able to balance the two swords entrusted to her, but this position cannot be held forever. As she moves into her own mind, she needs to contemplate which sword is worth keeping and which is necessary to release. When we can tune out the distractions around us, we can make the best choice by trusting our intuition, the inner sight that guides us. In listening to the voice of our soul, we can let go of what is no longer needed, take up the proper sword in a firm grip, remove the blindfold, and deal with the situation at hand.

May we all see what we need in order to achieve our very best.

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