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Tarot Energy: 10.31.21

From The Robin Wood Tarot by Robin Wood.

On this blessed Pagan holiday of Samhain (Halloween in the secular world), the King of Pentacles visits us, promising a steady, prosperous start to the Celtic New Year. With his mature, established Earth-based energy, this King rejoices with us in the final harvest of the year, which brings us plenty to sustain us during the darker days of autumn. This King reminds us of our responsibilities here in the physical world: our work, our family, and the energy that we create every day, doing what we do. He shows us that we have built quite a lot in our lives, and it is fine to celebrate our material successes. Along with the celebration comes a keen sense of responsibility for continuing to work hard for the things that we have, and for those things we want in the future.This King is resting, reveling in his achievements, and it's an appropriate time for gratitude as we take stock of where we are right now. What legacy are we building for those that come after us? As we honor our beloved ancestors at this time of the year, we remember that someday, we, too, will leave this physical plane. It's important to leave it a better place than when we got here. How can we do this? What needs to change in our lives to ensure bountiful harvests for many years to come? The King of Pentacles tells us that we have good, solid resources that are not just physical things like money, wealth, investments, etc. We have our steady, strong soul that will carry us through lean times if and when they come. For now, have a cup of cider, eat a candy apple, and appreciate the bounty of Mother Earth, knowing that a grateful heart renews our spirit and prepares us for the journey ahead.

May the ancestors smile upon you and yours. May you never hunger. May you never thirst. Wishing you all a blessed Samhain.

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