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Tarot Energy: 10.3.21

From the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot by Graham Cameron

Major Arcana The Chariot takes us for a ride this week, and it may be both bumpy and rewarding. The Chariot reminds us of the importance of forward motion in our life journey, and it demands that we move, whether we feel ready or not. This Chariot card speaks to the idea of embarking into uncharted territory, symbolized by the alien in her spaceship, pulled (nonsensically?) by seahorses. Circumstances may appear to be a bit crazy, and we may feel out of our depth, but it doesn't matter--the alien smiles as the seahorses pull her toward her destination. She is ready for adventure, and her attitude about the journey determines so much about what lies ahead. Having a goal in mind is important, but allowing spontaneous circumstances to arise and possibly adjust the course we take is an admirable and necessary skill. The wise Charioteer understands that the journey, and whatever is encountered on it, is really the point of it all, and part of the lesson lies in giving up control. This doesn't mean that we drift willy-nilly through our lives. The Chariot declares definitively that we have a road to take, we are on it, and we are going in the right direction. But it also tells us that allowing for variances, side trips, and rest are all fundamental stops along the way. All is in Divine Order, and out trust in this adage helps us to keep going even when the road is confusing, full of obstacles, or just plain scary. Don't look backward. Everything that matters lies ahead.

May we all trust our unique journey. May we recognize the beauty of the unknown.

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