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Tarot Energy: 10.24.21

From The Halloween Tarot by Kipling West.

As we move this week into the sacred energy of Samhain, also known as Halloween, the Tarot praises our journey forward with the arrival of the 6 of Swords (Bats in this deck). We are moving from a time of unrest (the waves on the right side of the boat) and into a more peaceful energy (the calm waters on the left side of the boat). This movement is due to the investment we've made in ourselves and in cultivating our higher nature, allowing our minds (Bats) to quiet and to rule over our more erratic emotions (the water). This is a good week for meditation and inner work, culminating in the festival of Samhain, when we honor our ancestors and celebrate the turning of the Wheel into the Celtic New Year. As we embark on this journey, we need to contemplate where we want to go and what we want to accomplish. The Ferryman will take us across, but we can direct him, especially by holding within our minds a singular purpose. This is also a reminder that we are moving into the time of the year when we descend into shadows, when we embrace the Underworld where the Ferryman of legend resides. This is not a place to fear; it is, instead, a place to confront any fears that we have. Our fears are a part of us, but we can control how they affect us, and we can tame them through recognition and release. The 6 of Bats also tells us we are not alone on this journey. Our spirit helpers walk with us in shadow and in light. We simply need to ask for their aid if we feel alone or frightened.

May we move effortlessly forward. May our shadows teach us easy lessons, and may we embrace this growth.

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