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Tarot Energy: 1.23.22

From The Children of Litha Tarot by Alexandria Huntington.

As we move into the waning moon period of January, the 7 of Swords appears today to warn us of deception and possible betrayal. This past full moon was in Cancer, the sign of home, family, and emotions, and the scene on this card depicts a rather disturbing one upsetting the nest of the pictured love birds. A snake slithers in to grab an egg, indicating that there may be something amiss in the home environment, perhaps even something that's going on right under our proverbial noses. Because of the egg imagery here, look to what you and your loved ones are trying to create or birth in your home to examine any possible problems. Someone may be trying to usurp your authority at home, or they might be trying to sneak off with something (a person, a project, a creation) that is close to your heart. This card may also point to our human tendency to deceive ourselves, to pretend that everything is fine when something clearly is not. Are you suppressing an emotion or feeling to keep the peace in the house? Are you ignoring the call of your heart concerning a matter of love or relationship? Don't forget that even though the snake here may seem sinister, she also represents change and transformation. How can you make a problematic situation better, especially if it concerns the people that you love? Meditation and prayer can help direct you to a solution that is healing for all involved.

May we all open our eyes and hearts to the messages that come to us from the higher realms.

If you'd like to learn Tarot, I am teaching an online course through Lily Dale Assembly on Saturday, February 26, 2022 from 11:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. EST. I'd love to have you join me as we explore the mysteries and insights of the cards. This class is perfect for a beginner or for anyone who would like to review the basics of Tarot and learn new ways to glean information from the cards. For more information, please visit the Lily Dale website.

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