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J’Entend Ton Coeur

*From Lisa Marie Basile’s The Magical Writing Grimoire

Write a poem about your deepest fear. By writing about it, you confront it.

J’Entend Ton Coeur

How could I lose you? How could I survive without you with me?

I believe in the Summerland. I know it’s beautiful. I know it is filled with endless peace.

But please –

don’t go there without me.

Please –

don’t go where I can’t follow.

I know you will visit, but it’s not enough.

I know you will whisper, but what if I can’t hear?

What if I drown in my own emptiness? What if the crashing waves overtake me, capsize my heart?

Will you still save me?

If you go before me, promise me –

you’ll be my beacon

my lighthouse

my voice in the dark

so I can find my way Home.

J’entend ton coeur.

I can hear your heart.

For Keith.

May, 2020

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