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End-of-Year Reading 2021

Here on the Isle of Glass, Lady Rose of Avalon spends a lot of time contemplating the energies around her and her relationship to those energies. As the calendar year 2021 draws to a close, reflections on pervasive energies of the year take place, and a look into the coming energies of 2022 seems appropriate. The following is a universal Tarot reading focusing on these questions, along with interpretations and suggestions for modifying this short card reading into a personal yearly energy reading for anyone who should seek similar answers.

From the Supernatural Tarot by Minerva Siegel and Matthew Skiff (cards read from left to right, in order:)

Card 1: Overall Direction/Energy of Year 2022: Major Arcana Death

In any reading, the Death card indicates transformation, often after the purging or dying of things that are no longer needed or necessary. Death is the doorway to rebirth, new life that sprouts from the wisdom of having lived and learned. This card seems quite appropriate for an end-of-the-year reading, but here, Death also indicates the overall energy of the entire coming year in 2022. There will be more endings, probably ones that could be seen as scary or undesirable, as Death itself is often seen. But when we look more closely, we can recognize that the death of the old comes so that something new and beautiful can be born. We are wiser as we step into the new energy that awaits us, and if we embrace Death as a friend rather than as something to be feared, the transformations that await us in 2022 will be easier to make as well as beneficial to us in ways we may not see until we are through them.

Affirmation for Major Arcana Death: "I allow endings to bring needed transformations in my life. I open myself to the possibilities I cannot see."

Card 2: What to Release: 6 of Pentagrams (Pentacles)

Throughout this past year, the 6 of Pentacles has appeared several times here on the Isle, a reminder in certain weeks of the importance of generosity. Now, the cards advise releasing even more of this generous energy, encouraging an outpouring of love that will help to propel us past negative thoughts, events, and responses to the world around us. Mother Teresa said, "...we can do small things with great love." This is the essence of the 6 of Pentacles. Whatever we can give to the world, no matter how insignificant it may seem, it can be given with love, which magnifies the positive vibration of the entire planet. Because this card of generosity appears as the thing we need to release (or let got of), it can also be a reminder to stop giving energy to people and situations that have not changed. Where in life can energy be conserved and given to something else that is likely to prosper from the attention? These two different meanings of this same card reminds us to look at all we do with wise discernment to be sure that our intentions are in alignment with the highest good of all.

Affirmation for 6 of Pentagrams (Pentacles): "I give love freely in all I say and do. I love myself enough to know when to say when."

Card 3: What to Focus on Most in 2022: Major Arcana The Chariot

Major Arcana The Chariot reminds us that we are on the right path, and the way ahead is clear for us. Like any road, we may not be able to see our destination because of the many turns, peaks, and valleys, but we can be sure that there is indeed a destination. The Chariot reminds us to keep our focus and to move toward it with courage, confidence, and determination. As long as our intentions are aligned with love, we will reach our goal.

Affirmation for Major Arcana The Chariot: "I move easily toward success in everything I do. I always move in conjunction with my highest purpose."

Card 4: Message from the Universe: 10 of Blades (Swords)

This card tells us that we have suffered, but the end of this painful process is now upon us. Like its Major Arcana counterpart Death, the 10 of Swords recognizes that a time of transition has come, and we are encouraged to succumb to it without protest to avoid more discomfort. Laboring mothers know that breathing through contractions reduces the pain and allows the birth process to unfold beautifully and naturally, as it should. If we can find the peace in change, we can begin to see the dawn as the sun rises, illuminating the new way forward.

Affirmation for 10 of Blades (Swords): "As I embrace any ending, I am reborn. I am safe and secure in the love of the Universe."

You can use this reading as a template to do your own personal reading today, tonight, or tomorrow. Find a favorite Tarot or oracle deck, concentrate on the topics suggested for each of the 4 cards, and draw yours to see what messages come to you. Trust your intuition as you look at each card. How does it make you feel? What do you see in the card images? Jot these thoughts down before consulting the guidebook that came with your deck. Allow Spirit to speak directly to your personal experience by opening your heart and mind to this wisdom. Remember: every reading is a suggestion of things to think about and actions to take. Spirit will work with you in your unique experience to help you to fashion your best life.

From Ynis Witrin, I wish you and yours only the best as we say goodbye to 2021 and turn our attention to 2022. May we all be blessed, prosperous, healthy, and successful. Peace, today and always.

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