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You sleep.

I watch,

clutching Winnie-the-Pooh.

It took courage

to put my feet on the bare floor

(where the monsters under the bed

could grab them),

to inch my way down the hall

(as quiet as possible – don’t disturb any

dozing devils)

to stand next to your side of the bed.

Curling toes into carpet,

an anchor in monochrome light,

your face half in shadow,

yet beautiful, familiar,

an antidote to the poison of imagination,

the demons that lurk in the dark.

Heartbeat slows

as your chest rises and falls,

peaceful, safe.

Not alone.

Not abandoned.

Not scared anymore.


I sleep.

You watch,

from 20 years and a world away.

Every night in my dreams

the same voice, the same face,

still soothing me.

Some nightmares never go away.

For my mother, August 26, 2020

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Rose Vanden Eynden has been a spiritual seeker all her life. As a child, the Celtic stories of King Arthur fascinated her, but none more than the myths of Ynis Witrin, also called Avalon, the Isle of Glass. This place of magick, healing, and feminine wisdom has guided Rose throughout her life, helping her to embrace her identity as a writer, a Spiritualist medium and minister, and an eclectic Witch and priestess. Rose strives to capture this magick in every aspect of her daily life. This site, the Isle of Glass, is her way of sharing her voices and visions. Come to the Isle. Let the rolling mists envelope you as you travel across the water to the sacred shores of Avalon. Allow Rose to be your loving, supportive guide as you explore this magickal world together. 


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