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A Vision of Avalon

In the early morning, I rise. The sky is still inked against the lightening horizon, and I whisper, “Hello, Lady” to the crescent moon glowing high above me. Cool air kisses my skin, and I enjoy the slip of wet grass beneath my bare feet as I walk to the edge of the lake. My dog follows at my heels, and we both sit nearby to greet the day. I close my eyes and center myself, opening my heart to the Universe and welcoming my guides and ancestors in the spirit world, glad as ever to have them with me in each moment of my life. In my mind, I call to Lady Morgana, Queen of Avalon, asking for her blessing on the day ahead. I see her eyes swim in front of mine, and I know that she hears me. I bow in reverence and ask for any messages she wishes to impart. For what I receive, I am truly grateful. When our communion is finished, I express my gratitude and bow once more.

I rise and move back up the small hill to my cozy home. I make tea in the kitchen, enough for my husband and me, and as it steeps, I plan my day. I am blessed to have a place to dwell where all of my needs are met so I can do the work I know the Goddess needs me to do. When my husband emerges from his morning routine, we sip our tea together on our outdoor porch overlooking the lake and the trees that stretch below us. His day will be filled with creating music, cooking, reading, hiking with our dog, and other activities he loves. Mine will consist of tending to the Avalon temple: cleaning, washing linens, making and blessing candles, organizing ritual supplies, dressing spaces and altars, and generally overseeing the care and maintenance of the sacred indoor space. Other Melissas will be there to assist in preparations for upcoming festivals and ceremonies, and our work will be done while we sing, chat, and laugh as Sisters. Together, we will plan the liturgy of new rituals and create tools to be used in the ceremonies. When I am needed, I will instruct and support other Sisters in ritual creation, liturgy, divination, mediumship work, meditation, healing, and any other skills they seek to refine. I will learn as much from them as they learn from me, another blessing I truly cherish.

Later in the day, my husband and other men join the women in the temple area, where we may eat a communal meal and exchange ideas. The evening may consist of a drum circle and other songs and music, or perhaps rehearsal for me with our theatre troupe, a group that loves to perform both secular and sacred plays and musicals to entertain and uplift our community. When my husband and I return to our home, we catch up with each other as well as honor our own quiet reflection time. I write in my journal, and I work on other pieces of writing that honor the creative ideas that bubble inside of me. When we retire to our bed, we feel happy, fulfilled, and peaceful, loving our beautiful life on Avalon, Ynis Witrin, the Isle of Glass.

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Rose Vanden Eynden has been a spiritual seeker all her life. As a child, the Celtic stories of King Arthur fascinated her, but none more than the myths of Ynis Witrin, also called Avalon, the Isle of Glass. This place of magick, healing, and feminine wisdom has guided Rose throughout her life, helping her to embrace her identity as a writer, a Spiritualist medium and minister, and an eclectic Witch and priestess. Rose strives to capture this magick in every aspect of her daily life. This site, the Isle of Glass, is her way of sharing her voices and visions. Come to the Isle. Let the rolling mists envelope you as you travel across the water to the sacred shores of Avalon. Allow Rose to be your loving, supportive guide as you explore this magickal world together. 


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